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Established back in 1997, Tari digital are proven experts at delivering creative, functional websites which run parallel with successful online marketing and search engine optimisation campaigns. From brochureware websites and Ecommerce solutions through to bespoke application development, our team are qualified, dedicated and professional.

Tari have a particular focus on quality.

Each website we design is built to the highest standards. If our customers are not satisfied, we are not satisfied.

Create great websites!

We use our creativity and knowledge of usability to produce websites which will create a lasting impression and a pleasant experience for visitors. Our team puts a lot of consideration into how each design element will impact your business.

It's not just about creative designs, we design complete solutions to improve your business.

Once we have completed a design, we check you are happy with it, and then make any alterations you suggest before implementing the design into your corporate website. At this point you will have yet another opportunity to make sure everything is to your liking before we sign the project off.

Your web presence says a lot about your business. If you want your business to stand out, it is important to grab people's attentions. Tari not only provide you with a custom website designed to show off your company's creativity, but it is also designed with usability in mind - poor usability has an immediate negative reaction from visitors; they leave your website, frustrated that they couldn't get what they were looking for.

Knowledge & know how

For many, the majority of Internet business success comes with either a lot of trial and error or using the knowledge of someone more experienced, who has already been through their trail and improvement stages. That's where Tari come in.

We are a web design firm who have the experience and technical ability to design, create and execute any solution to meet your business requirements. We help reinforce the brand behind your products or services, we help you reach new customers and provide them with a quality and convenient service.

Designs with purpose

When we design a website, we don't concentrate purely on aesthetics; in fact a lot of our design process is based around increasing sales or strengthening a company's brand.

To make sure we bring you the best results, we ask a lot of questions before the design process begins. Don't worry if you don't have all the answers ready, we can use our experience to judge the best choices for your online presence.

Leverage Tari’s business contacts

Building on years of experience, the Tari team have developed ways to encourage well established websites to link to and promote our clients’ websites. Without experience, it is often very difficult to get quality websites to link to the websites’ of smaller businesses.

Internet marketing

Our online marketing team will help raise the online profile of your business by improving your search engine ranking and increasing the number of 'unique visitors' to your website — essential for increasing your sales.

Our Internet marketing campaigns are made to measure.

We tailor the most effective strategy for each client to ensure online success.

How we work with Google

Everyone wants to be at the top of Google. How is this achieved? There are no simple answers since each business is different and creativity is one of the key elements. At Tari we have years of experience with different types of Internet businesses and we know the kind of strategies that work for each type of business.

Google’s goal is to deliver the best and most closely related content to the subject a user is looking for. Tari create great content for websites which Google would want to recommend. Google still needs other signals to prove that content is popular such as external links, from blogs and social media websites and we make sure the people using those websites are aware of the quality content.

Google make around 500 tweaks to their algorithm each year, all of which could affect how well your site ranks in search results, so it’s important for our SEO team constantly monitor and tweak your campaign to maintain and improve your search engine ranking.

Tari commitment to value

Our team is extremely well skilled and we are proud of the work we complete as we achieve every goal we set ourselves. With this in mind, we will endeavor to match any lower quote of a competing supplier who offers the same in terms of design, functionality, scope and services.

Furthermore, our commitment stretches to:

Result lead SEO

Almost every SEO company expects their customers to risk their money employing them and just hope they provide good results. An average SEO company will make all kinds of promises of success but talk very little of how they will achieve it. We’re not afraid to share our tactics with you or our competitors because we know it takes real hard work and creativity to achieve these results.

While SEO results can be difficult to predict, we do not use this as an excuse to not set minimum targets. Tari are one of very few SEO experts worldwide, who will only charge after we have produced results predetermined with our customers.

You only need to pay if we reach agreed targets.

Learn more about result lead SEO.

The best web sites built by the industry's top web designers

At Tari, from the moment you contact us right through to the launch of your website, you are dealing with a team of highly skilled professionals, offering the perfect balance of design, technical know-how, Internet marketing knowledge and business acumen to design and market your website to spread brand awareness and attract customers.

Our team is creative, technical, constantly learning and always focussing on achieving our goal — to drive more visitors to your website and increase your sales.

How do we acheive all this? Read about our methodology.

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