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At Tari we love to work with local businesses. We enjoy engaging with businesses from Harrow and the wider North London area since it gives us the opportunity to work more closely with the companies we design websites for. This makes it easier for us to deliver the customer exactly what they want from their online presence.

For our designers it is important to understand the nature of business we are working with. Knowing just how your business operates is key to producing the perfect website to represent your company online.

All of our web designers want to see your large or small business succeed. We won't simply publish a site on the web about your company without consideration. We will use our experience to determine how the design should be set-out to achieve your goals.

An example of this is when we create a homepage. We believe it is important to keep it simple and focus visitors into one or a small number of options. A creative business homepage is often a gateway to other parts of the website, but it does not need to link to too many pages since this can complicate the experience for new visitors and distract them from what you would like them to do.

While we work with companies throughout the UK, we get particular pride from walking past the local offices of Harrow and North London businesses and knowing that we helped with their success.

If you would like to work with a web design company who provide friendly face-to-face consultations around North London, to ensure the best job is always done, contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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The Tari team determine how a website design should be set-out to achieve your business goals

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