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Make your website work harder for you

You've got your website sorted, now it just needs to bring you some business. It should be easy, after all, you’ve heard the stories of teenagers becoming millionaires within a few short years from their Internet enterprises.

Unfortunately, only a tiny amount of new online businesses hit the headlines with overnight successes. Many sink without a trace. Sometimes the minds behind the business learn from their mistakes and keep trying until they've learned all the ropes and become a success. Others eventually move into other careers as that first million continues to elude them.

For these who do make a success out of their Internet business, in 99% of cases it comes with either a lot of trial and error or using the knowledge of someone more experienced, who has already been through their trail and improvement stages. That's where Tari come in.

Internet Marketing Strategy

Finding the right Internet marketing strategy for your business can take years and cost thousands. Sometimes it is even hard to know where to begin. You have heard there is money to be made on Facebook, but how do you can you get thousands of people to like your business? Everyone wants to be at the top of Google, but there is just so much vague advice around, how do you know what you should follow through with?

There are no simple answers since each business is different and creativity is one of the key elements. At Tari we have years of experience with different types of Internet businesses and we know the kind of strategies that work for each type of business.

Our Internet marketing strategies incorporate the following areas for improving your online success:

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