A complete Internet marketing campaign

Rather than focus on one area of online promotions, our Internet marketing specalists provide a complete online marketing campaign. We believe this to be a better approach since each element of the strategy can benefit other elements, for example SEO can be enhanced with social media.

Our marketing campaigns are made to measure. We tailor the most effective strategy for each client to ensure online success.

Below is a brief description of how aspects of Internet marketing can work to improve your online campaign.

Organic search marketing (SEM)

SEO is essentially the skill of ranking high in the non-paid search results of Google and other search engines. It means getting found by people who are looking to buy the type of products or services you sell.

Getting to the top for potentially lucrative keywords (the words people search for) is not simple since Google considers over 200 elements for each website page before deciding what best suits the searchers needs. Lucrative keywords also tend to be very competitive.

The good news is that while many businesses (even SEO businesses) are competing for these phrases, very few know how to really gain Google’s trust.

Find out more about how Google ranks websites or why Tari are different and how we achieve real SEO results.

Social media

These days it’s hard to get away from Social Networking websites. Businesses are constantly trying to convince you to ‘Like’ them on Facebook, while radio presenters and celebrities obsessively remind us that we can contact them through Twitter.

The reason is that all these methods increase exposure to a brand or person. Every business from Coca-Cola to a local pet shop can benefit from having their customers show their friends that they ‘Like’ the business. It is essentially a hyper-version of word-of-mouth marketing. Remember, recommendations from friends is the best type of advertising you can have.

Find out more about how Tari produce successful results with social marketing.


A blog or regularly updated news section can help a website build a loyal readership and also keep a website fresh and relevant in the eyes of search engines.

Find out more about the benefits of blogging for business.

Email marketing

The vast majority of the time, once a web user finds what they need from a page on the Internet, they will leave and never return to it. However if you can get their email address from them before providing the information they are looking for, you will be able to contact them occasionally, establishing your brand in their mind.

Find out how Email marketing can keep your business stay fresh in people’s minds.

Online advertising

Compared to online advertising, traditional marketing through TV, radio, billboards etc. is fairly antiquated.

Traditional methods are too expensive for small businesses. Adverts are shown to a huge number of people in the hope that minute proportion will take an interest. It is also very difficult to gauge the success of the advert unless there is only one piece of marketing running at a time.

On the other hand, online marketing can be targeted at just the people you are aiming for. Not a vague “25 – 40 year olds” demographic, but people who are specifically looking for the products or services you provide. A campaign can potentially cost under £10, rather than thousands of pounds. You can also learn the exact number of people who took the time to learn more from your advert by checking the click-though rate.

Discover the advantages of online advertising and how it can bring more business to your website.

Website design

The design of a website is very important. Our designers understand how to make a website appear professional, unique, creative and at the same time, make it user-friendly. They are also aware of how to design with a focus on converting a visitor into a customer.

Find out more about how we design beautiful websites, which represent the qualities of your business and convert to sales.

Bring an expert in each field to your business   

Our team of London-based Internet marketing specalists can bring their skills togother to make a fantastic online marketing campaign for your business.

Each element can aid other elements to become even more successful. As an example; a strong pay-per-click advertising campaign can lead people to a great website design which helps to increase the number of email list sign-ups, which in turn helps to increase the number of returning readers who like to catch-up with the latest from the blog, and let their friends know they ‘Like’ the website with social networks, which increases your website rank in Google. In the end, all of this works together to bring more customers to your business.

Together with your business, Tari can create a great Internet marketing strategy and grow your online success.

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