Advantages of online advertising

Advertising online has huge advantages over traditional forms of advertising. With traditional advertising, in most cases the advertiser pays to show their advert to thousands of people in the hope that a small percentage will take notice.

Online advertising allows you to target your audience so well, that you only need to pay when someone chooses to find out more information after seeing the advert. For example a furniture store can show their advertisements to people who are searching Google for “leather sofas” or even “buy oak tables”.  

Online ads can even follow people around. If someone has visited your website, and has an interest in your industry, ad networks can use this information to display adverts promoting your products to those people when they visit other websites — this is another example of precision marketing.

Online advertising also has a much lower risk factor. Within a day or even hours you can often gauge how successful a campaign is. If the return on investment is low then simple stop the advert from showing any more.

It also provides ways to constantly improve your marketing. For example, you can easily set up 10 different versions of an advert and test which is the most successful for a low cost, before continuing with promoting that advertisement.

With such a low risk factor and the ability to target your audience with precision, PPC search advertising is something every online business should consider as part of the Internet marketing plan.

Tari’s experience allows us to know the types of adverts which work and then make effective use of testing to produce a successful pay-per-click advertising campaign.

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