The benefits of a blog to your business

Blogging started out as a casual way to communicate day-to-day thoughts and opinions. Today that has largely been replaced with social networking but blogging has taken on a more serious role in the world of Internet marketing. In fact, 15% of the web’s most popular website run on the Wordpress blog system alone.

Blogs provide an easy way to update content on a website on a regular basis. That means they are fresh content can be continuingly added each day.

A website with interesting or entertaining content added every day is likely to have visitors returning for more. If you currently have a very low returning visitor rate, a quality blog can turn that around. If 5% of your new visitors returned each day, you would have more than a 300% increase in traffic each month.

A blog also gives you an opportunity to write about subjects you would not normally be able to. For example, if you wanted to give some advice related to current industry news, you might not want to it permanently referenced from your homepage, but with a blog it will only be a prominent part of your website while it is relevant.

It isn’t just visitors who like blogs. Search engines such as Google also appreciate frequently updated websites. If you have coverage of a topic several times every week, it is shows that you know what you are talking about and also means whatever you are saying is likely to be up to date. It makes you a good source of information on the subject so Google will be happier to refer traffic to your website.

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how blogging can benefit your website

Search engines refer more traffic to websites which publish frequent blog posts

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