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The sad truth is, most people who come to your website, will take some information they need from you and won’t stop to say “thank you”. In fact, they probably won’t even remember the name of the website they came to.

There is a little online marketing trick to making sure people don’t forget about you. In exchange for providing that great piece of content, ask them for their email address. It doesn’t even need to sound like an exchange, just promise them that you will send them that great advice or content directly to their inbox and also boast that they will receive a fascinating once-monthly newsletter.

Let’s be clear, this is not spam. You will be emailing them with coverage of a topic they are interested in and it will only be once per month. If a reader changes their mind, they can simply click a link to stop the emails at any time.

This is a monthly reminder to their inbox about your website, which in many cases would have been forgotten about otherwise.

In terms of the internet, Email marketing is old hat, it doesn’t have the same buzz as social media, but it is still a powerful force.

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