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Businesses providing SEO services operate in many different ways. Some are more ethical than others. Below is a brief explanation of how others in our industry work, and our approach at Tari.

How to beat Google (what we don't do)

Most SEO companies try to use shortcuts to make the leading search engines think their pages are more important than they are. These are known as black hat techniques.

Some examples are:

With all of Goolge’s resources they are able to detect these techniques 9 times out of 10, yet sadly most SEO companies rely on them and build a reputation on the 10% of times when it works. Even when it does work, it is likely that Google will catch them out at some point in the near future, discredit the trust signal and even penalise the website for attempting to manipulate them.

How to work with Google (what we do)

Google’s goal is to deliver the best content on the subject the searcher is looking for. Our Internet marketing experts create that content great content for your website. Unfortunately, while it is getting better at it all the time, Google isn’t able to judge the best content on its own. It still needs signals from external links, usage information and social media signals. To help Google realise that your content deserves to be at the top, we get it in front of lots of people so that it naturally receives the links, Facebook Likes and the other positive signals it deserves.

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