What is Twitter?

Everybody has heard of it and more and more people and businesses are becoming part of it. Twitter is a way of instantly communicating via your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone with other people who share your interests or who might be interested in your products or services.

When you post information (tweets) from your Twitter account you do so in no more than 140 characters. Twitter is a successful way to build brand awareness very quickly.

7 reasons why you should have a Twitter account

  1. It's FREE! Your Twitter account allows you to inform and attract customers at absolutely no financial cost to your business
  2. Twitter gives everyone the opportunity to immediately question, alert or promote - which cannot be achieved via e-mail
  3. Writing blog entries is a time-consuming task, so Twitter’s 140-character limit forces you to focus your massage and to write it quickly and efficiently
  4. Twitter eliminates issues associated with email such as a 'full inbox' or email bounces
  5. The power of retweet - when someone receives your tweet and forwards it to their followers, it extends your reach and often recruits new followers for your contact list
  6. Unlike Facebook and to a lesser extent emails, all 'tweets' are searchable which enable you to instantly track mentions of your company, product or service — or even your competitors!
  7. You can publish Twitter feeds directly into your website too which improve search engine rankings of your website pages

Top Twitter tips

Here are examples of regularly updated Twitter pages from personalities in sport, fashion, music and entertainment:

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