What is YouTube?

With over 1 billion views a day and close working links with Google, if you need to demonstrate your products, or need to show how potential customers can make the most of your services, then you need to consider uploading a video or series of short videos onto Youtube.

Advantages of Youtube

One of the main advantages of uploading a Youtube video is that your video not only appears in search results within the Youtube website, but it also can appear on Google search engine results pages in addition to your standard entry — think of the huge advantage of having two links to your website on the first page of Google for customers searching for your service or product!

Youtube videos can be home made, professionally edited or even animated — so you can create a Youtube content regardless of your budget.

When to consider using Youtube

Youtube videos are ideal for explaining ‘how to’ do something — for example ‘how to’ use or explain the services you offer, or ‘'how to’ assemble or use one of your products.

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