Have you been stung by SEO companies?

Many of our customers have had bad experiences with SEO companies. Often they take a client’s money and provide nothing but low quality links in the hope of manipulating Google into ranking the client’s website higher. The problem is, over the past 10 years Google have invested an unimaginable amount of money into preventing this kind of manipulation. The tricks of dodgy SEO companies don’t work anymore and might even result in a penalty, doing more damage than good to your Internet marketing strategy.

These companies know how unreliable their services are, so they charge a large up-front fee and usually continue to charge it every month until the customer gets too frustrated and leaves.

That doesn’t mean every SEO firm is bad. The approved way to gain traffic from established search engines is to create a quality service with your website and promote it. Since this method requires a lot of real work and creativity, as opposed to a near automated service, there aren’t many companies providing this essential, professional SEO service.

The trouble is, it is hard to know which SEO firms are the quality ones. After-all the unscrupulous ones will say anything to convince you they will bring good results including, “we’re 100% white hat and ethical”, “Google Approved”, “average 300% traffic increase”, “you found us, so we must be good”.

Picking an SEO company is essentially a big gamble so we have decided to take that risk out of your hands.

If we don’t deliver pre-agreed results, you pay nothing.

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