Mobile website designs for North London companies

A few short years ago, mobile web browsing was a niche activity. A web designer didn't really need to consider how their website looked on a mobile for two reasons; the first was that less than 1% of their traffic would come from mobile devices; the second was that all their competitions' websites looked equally poor on mobile devices.

Today the story is very different as the percentage of web users on mobile devices rapidly approaches 10%. Gone are the days of poor mobile design being acceptable because it was the norm. Now if your website does not look good on a smartphone, users will just look elsewhere.

Here at Tari, we want to make sure North London companies don't suffer from poor mobile design. We want to help North London businesses and corporate clients prepare their websites for the growth of mobile browsing.

Furthermore, our websites detect whether a user is on a desktop computer or a mobile device. Once this has been determined, we send them an alternative version of the website to best suit their equipment. That means users will have a good experience with your company however they access it and are more likely to return.

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