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Most web users are now pretty savvy. The fact that 60% of people take time to install and use their preferred web browser and not use the default pre-loaded browser, shows that people are taking more interest in areas which were once only of interest to those making a living within the online industry.

What that means for web design is, more people become subconsciously aware of the difference between a professional website and something with a more amateur feel, just by looking at it. At Tari we have always prided ourselves on the quality of our high-end web designs for North London companies.

Based in Harrow, we have been working with North London firms producing high-end professional websites for number of years. We are proud that our clients are always happy with the quality of the work we produce. Our years of experience, paired with our understanding of the importance of the responsibility we have to deliver web designs which creatively reflect the quality of your business, drive us to produce excellent web designs whether viewed on a desktop computer or a mobile device.

There is no shortage of website design companies in Harrow, and a large number in North London, but we feel that no client has ever regretted the choice to have Tari develop their website, if we did, we would probably start losing sleep over it.

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high-end quality professional website design

Tari pride ourselves on the quality of our high-end web designs for North London companies



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