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A lot of small businesses in North London (and everywhere else for that matter) find it difficult to see how a website could benefit them. Of course Tesco and Argos can make good use of a website but does a local pub, cake shop or window cleaner really need one?

It's true that the benefits of a website vary from business to business but as a basic website is relatively cheap, every business can benefit in some way.

At its most basic level, a website can act like a high-tech business card. It can provide contact details and a simple description of what your company does to anyone, at any time. A website, of course can go far beyond a basic description. It can help develop a relationship with customers. While they are looking for a phone number to contact you with, they might read a bit about how experienced the team behind the business is or learn that you are a new company with the aim of providing customers with a great service.

If you offer a single product or service, you can explain how you or your product are qualified better than others to do the job. Maybe you have more experience, maybe you have better equipment or perhaps you simply offer the best value for money. A website is a great opportunity to show off your unique selling points.

While these uses are effective for businesses, most companies can put a website to even better uses. If you provide a number of services, a price list might be a useful to potential clients. In other cases where there are no fixed prices, for example — if your a builder, the website provides an additional way for people to get in contact for a quote. Some people are more comfortable using email or website contact forms than telephones, especially if they have not dealt with your type of business before and aren't sure of exactly what they need.

If your business uses adverting, the advert can lead people to the company website to provide much more information than you can cram into an advert. This really is just the tip of the iceberg. We haven't even begun to discuss the new customers that can find out about your small business through a search in Google, or recommendations of friends on Facebook.

In short, if you think it is useful for your business to be contactable by phone or see any value in advertising, you should also see a website as a worthwhile investment. However, there is one exception — if your website does not look professional, it will give a bad impression of your business and damage your reputation.

Having no website is better than having a low-quality website.

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Websites help develop relationships with your customers

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