The Do's and Don't of Using Article Submission Sites

There are hundreds of article submission sites that businesses use every day, as a perfect way to increase traffic, create back links and increase awareness about a brand, submission sites can be a cost effective boost to many online businesses.

However each one has their own rules and regulations, and if not followed properly submission can take hours rather than seconds. There are a few do’s and don’ts to bear in mind when submitting an article.

Risks of submission sites


Make sure your copy is original

It doesn’t matter if it’s one of your articles that has been published elsewhere, or if it’s been lifted from a website that tells the story better than you assume you could. Some article submission sites do allow you to post articles that have previously been published online, however the majority see it as cheating and will penalise you as such. This is also false economy as a good bulk copywriter will be able to offer you completely original affordable articles that add value to your brand. So if you don’t know what to say, let someone else do it for you.

Make sure your link is relevant

Some sites allow you to insert more than one self-serving links, yet each one must be relevant to the topic in hand. For instance if you publish an article about diet tips when your company sells bath products, your article will be rejected.

Make Sure your Article is Informative

This is where a lot of people slip up, as they use article submission sites to promote their business. With this method in mind, their offerings are usually promotional detailing the special products or service of the business they want to promote. Article submission sites have tightened their rules and if your offering doesn’t give information or add value to the reader, it will be rejected.

A good copywriter will help with this, for instance, a company that sells teeth whitening products could publish articles on:

•             How to Maintain a Good Oral Hygiene Routine

•             The History of Teeth Whitening involves a Prostitute, A German and a Sausage (It truly does)

•             Celebrities who partake in teeth whitening

•             A Review of the Book White Teeth by Zadie Smith

The keywords teeth whitening can then be inserted naturally with an integrated link to the teeth whitening website. This will subtly lead readers there whilst still providing valuable content that Google will recognise as it pushes your site up the ranks.




Don’t be encouraged to spam, no matter what the subject, you may be tempted to overload the article with your favourite keywords. Although on your own website a keyword density of 5% may be optimum with submission sites, 3% is usually the limit.

Assume your Customers Will Never Read It

Although article submissions are a wonderful way to increase Google rankings and create backlinks, many assume this is their only purpose. Submitting any old copy just so they can insert the valuable link, people forget that these articles are also read but thousands of people that could use the link to travel to your website. Treat every article as a first impression, as if you submit rubbish, that’s exactly what these potential customers will think your business is worth.

Just Leave it There

Once your article is published you may assume that’s a job well done, however for it to be recognised as valuable content you need people to read it. So share, share and share. Post it on twitter, on your Facebook business page, on Linked in, or even give it a link on your own website.

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