What is a blog?

A blog is a separate website, or extension of an existing website which is updated on an ongoing basis.

Although anybody can start a blog – an individual, club or group — as a business, you should look at using your company blog to promote and explain your products or services to existing customers and if content is regularly updated, your blog will attract new customers too.

5 Reasons to blog?

  1. An effective way to publish additional information and news about your products or services
  2. Blog entries can feed straight into your website, keeping your website up to date too
  3. Blogs are very easily updated — add blog entries (posts) from your PC, MAC, smartphone or tablet
  4. Blogs are search engine friendly — regularly updated blogs increase visits to your website
  5. Blogs are FREE

How to start a blog?

Simply install a free piece of software to your web hosting platform and follow the on-screen instructions. Create an administrator account for yourself and start blogging!

What will my blog look like?

You can download pre-designed templates to theme your blog the way you wish, or your website design team can brand your blog similar to your website.

Your most recently added blog posts (entries) show up at the top of your blog allowing visitors read your most up-to-date entries first. Blog posts are often listed in categories down the side of the blog web page to make it easy to locate related information. Visitors are encouraged to comment on your blog posts, or link back to them from their own websites or blog.

Blog posts not only consist of written content, but you may upload your own photos and video content too.

Blogging tips!

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how blogging can benefit your website

Regularly updated content will drive more traffic to your website

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