Content managed websites

A content managed (or self-editable) website allows website content to be created and edited via a content management system — also commonly known as a ‘CMS’.

With a CMS system, you can easily edit existing website pages, delete pages and add new pages. You can also upload images, attachments (such as PDF files) and embed video clips to your website pages too.

10 advantages of using content management systems

  1. YOU have total control over your website content. You know your business better any anybody, so your best placed to add and edit your website content, quickly and easily
  2. No technical expertise experience is necessary to edit your website — if your familiar with word processing applications such as MS Word then editing your website content is straight forward
  3. All editing is achieved through a web browser interface on any PC, MAC or tablet — the only requirement is being online
  4. Website pages which have regularly updated content, experience improved rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs), thus generating more visitors to your website
  5. Content managed websites allow additional functionality to be easily added to a website — such as a blog, image gallery or feedback form
  6. Content management systems store your content in a password protected database thereby providing an extra layer of security for your website data
  7. Additional staff members can be added to your CMS system and assigned editing rights over specific content on your website — leaving you safe in the knowledge that sensitive, or already approved content is inaccessible
  8. Every CMS system allows editing within a virtual copy of a website so edited webpages can be viewed in-context before being published online
  9. Having a CMS system saves you money — your business does not have to pay for somebody else to update your website content
  10. Almost every CMS system is FREE

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content managed websites

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